Services Portfolio

We knew that a new approach was needed for recruitment. Traditional methods no longer met the demands and challenges companies faced on a daily basis. More agility and innovation was required. And the ability to use services as and when they were needed to support fluctuating business demands and pressures.

Based on our experience of 40 years of delivering managed recruitment services, we evolved our portfolio and introduced Optimum Vendor Recruitment.

Running throughout the recruitment lifecycle, Optimum Vendor Recruitment is tailored to your exact needs. It recognises that companies are all at different stages of their recruitment journey and one size doesn’t fit all.

It also puts the consulting element back into recruitment. On-site assessments mean we fully understand your business and culture and can advise on the recruitment support you need, and which will add the most value to your business performance.

The flexibility of Optimum Vendor Recruitment means you can scale up and down with services as you require them, without being locked into a traditional prescriptive model. That’s what makes it really unique. Our service evolves as your business evolves.

Through our model, we can fulfil any recruitment requirement, whether contractor, permanent, interim or fully managed, providing high calibre candidates across all industry sectors. To achieve this we utilise our own strengths and expertise, supported by a small network of specialist partners.

Our portfolio of services includes:

  • Contractors as a Service
  • Permanent Recruitment as a Service
  • Interims as a Service
  • Assessment as a Service
  • Compliance as a Service
  • Onboarding as a Service
  • Recruitment Consultancy as a Service

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