Supplier management

Simplify the management of multiple recruitment suppliers

Get the most from your recruitment supply chain

Is managing your suppliers tying up valuable internal resources?

At Sopra Steria Recruitment, we offer a cost effective and risk-managed alternative as a standalone service or within our complete Managed Recruitment Service.

A better way to meet your strategic need

Managing multiple resourcing suppliers can be a complex process that invariably adds to your fixed internal costs. Our supplier management offering cuts those costs and aligns with your individual strategy:

  • Rationalisation of your suppliers following a merger or acquisition
  • Removing the internal cost of managing multiple recruitment suppliers
  • Gaining a clear picture of supplier performance and where costs can be removed
  • Ensuring suppliers understand your resourcing needs and acceptable fees or costs
  • Outsourcing for a complete third party supplier management solution

Proven experience

We have extensive experience of managing third party suppliers for our clients in diverse sectors. Our proven processes give you the certainty that we can meet your needs at every point of the resourcing supply chain:

  • Partner with us and you’ll gain a single point of contact for the supply and effective management of all your recruitment needs
  • We simplify the process of managing your suppliers across the supply chain to drive efficiency and consistency
  • We partner with other specialist recruiters to ensure we have the breadth of capability to work with your existing suppliers and to recruit temporary, permanent and contract staff
  • We can help you to define your recruitment and supplier strategy and agree the requirements across your entire resourcing supply chain

Comprehensive service

You will quickly begin to realise the benefits of our supplier management offering:

  • Consistency: we ensure that the service level agreements in place with us are mirrored across your other recruitment agencies
  • Negotiating strength: we take a consistent approach to agency rate negotiations and will establish standard rates and margins for all your resources, allowing you to cut the cost of your recruitment and resourcing
  • Continuity: we ensure continuity of your existing sources of supply whether we take over the management of your supplier base or transition an existing agency’s complete service to our organisation