Contractor onboarding

Avoid the overheads and risks associated with
direct contractual engagement

In today’s competitive market for talent, optimise your contractor onboarding through our expert service

We support our clients who have identified their own contractors for assignment-based work, yet require expert services to ensure that their engagement, on-boarding and subsequent contractual management are effectively delivered.

The model supports all skills and role types for contractors and is delivered either remotely, full-time on-site, or a mixture of the two.

Contractor onboarding is chosen by clients who see value in identifying their own contractors for key assignments, yet see the benefit in engaging them through an expert employment business, registered with the Department for Business Innovation and Skills, to ensure contractual integrity, compliance with UK Legislation and to avoid the overheads and risks associated with a direct contractual engagement.

Contractual management

Contractor onboarding provides a solution for rapid take-on of key workers under a recognised contractual model and our extensive experience, gained over many years, will deliver day one effectiveness.