Optimum Vendor

Breaking the restrictive bounds of traditional recruitment models

Challenges in the recruitment market

Clients are demanding more flexibility in the way recruitment services are managed and delivered.

With the Recruitment Market currently going through a period of major transformation, clients are finding current options too prescriptive and are demanding flexibility in the way recruitment services are managed and delivered.

Every client is in a different situation in terms of the types of roles they need to hire and in terms of the saving they’re looking to make through economies and scale. Clients want a recruitment model tailored to their specific circumstances.

But more than that, clients need a dynamic solution so that as their needs change they are not locked into a prescriptive model which no longer meets their business needs.

To keep pace with this changing marketplace Sopra Steria Recruitment has created the Optimum Vendor solution.

How Optimum Vendor can help

Optimum Vendor breaks the restrictive bounds of traditional recruitment models.

Optimum Vendor gives clients a solution tailored specifically to their circumstances and provides increased flexibility and control. It recognises that one size doesn’t fit all but blends components, built in consultation with the client to meet their aspirations.

Optimum Vendor raises recruitment standards and puts the consulting element back in recruitment. This component based solution is badged “as a Service” and ensures clients get a choice of service options which are not locked into a defined delivery or service structure. Optimum Vendor is not prescriptive and will dynamically change as business needs change.

Through consultation we better understand their industry, company culture and existing workforce so that we create and manage the optimum recruitment solution built for their business and run as an extension to their business.

Optimum Vendor recruitment services portfolio

Giving clients increased flexibility in how they engage recruitment services:

  • Recruitment as a Service
    Providing clients with the best candidates to deliver the outcomes they demand
  • Interims as a Service
    Associates delivering immediate impact at short notice, from organisational change to business strategy and risk management
  • Contractors as a Service
    Providing flexible contractor resources delivering across a diverse range of corporate functions, roles and skills
  • Compliance as a Service
    Providing clients with scalable candidate compliance checks saving time and resources and mitigating risk
  • Recruitment Consultancy as a Service
    Augmenting clients’ existing teams with our experts in recruitment

Reaping the benefits of Optimum Vendor

Transforming the performance of our clients by providing key skills and people through innovative recruitment models:

  • 100% compliance fulfilment – clients can be assured that we resolve the complexity, burden and risks associated with candidate compliance, delivering on-going risk mitigation and peace of mind.
  • Barrier-Free recruitment – supporting the BDF’s purposes is something at the heart of our business and BDF’s values, training and development are a key part of life at Sopra Steria Recruitment; we provide accessible services for all our stakeholders.
  • Sustainability – we are committed to a more sustainable world and as responsible citizens, our methods minimise our impact on the environment.
  • Corporate Responsibility – business ethics underpin our daily activities, we reduce our environmental impact and show solidarity with local communities

What makes Optimum Vendor different?

Optimum Vendor evolves as the client’s business evolves

  • Complex processes simplified - a single solution which brings recruitment providers together that are jointly able to deliver all your resource needs
  • Greater engagement - from your recruitment providers as they have an equal opportunity to engage
  • Speed and accuracy of hire enhanced - the two tier system of traditional models is obviated
  • Specialists - Each expert recruitment company will fulfil their respective specialisms
  • Barrier-free recruitment - Your own agenda for equality and diversity in recruitment and employment will be enhanced
  • IR35 compliance - enables Public Sector clients to manage the risks associated with utilising contract workers
  • Technology provision is not prescriptive – best of breed technology selected with no artificial lock-ins which reduce future flexibility
  • Scalable, dynamic solution - to meet any demand and which evolves as the client’s business evolves
  • Flexibility - the component approach enables different models to be engaged for different service options, skills and locations