Direct recruitment services

Solving the challenge of fluctuating recruitment demand

Respond quickly to supplement existing teams and attract new employees successfully

Working inside your enterprise, our experts in recruitment will supplement your existing teams and enable you to achieve greater success in attracting your own new employees.

This service ensures that you always have the right level of expertise and the specialist skills required for key roles within your own control to enhance direct attraction of new employees. By working in partnership with our clients, our account teams provide strategic solutions for talent sourcing and volume recruitment that enable you to retain internal control of recruitment.


The model ensures that you can deliver to seasonal or change-driven high demand without facing the prospect of increasing your fixed overhead across your recruitment teams.

Our experts bring day one effectiveness and can be released when the peak load requirement or niche skills campaigns have reached a successful conclusion.

We will deploy our experts to a client's location to join their existing teams and work to their defined processes, delivering:

  • Volume response handling
  • Application assurance
  • Candidate compliance
  • Stakeholder management
  • Staff training and coaching