Applicant assessment

Taking the high volume of your response down to
an effective shortlist

We deliver an end to end service that manages the responses to clients’ own advertising campaigns for candidates, either as future employees or contract workers.

The service manages each candidate response and provides the client with a selected pool of candidates to progress, whilst ensuring that candidates who do not meet key criteria receive effective communication informing them of the outcome.

This service can be delivered either through our own experts reviewing each application, or through technology that applies client criteria and selects according to applicant responses to key questions. The service is scalable to over 5,000 applicants per annum, per client. Applying best of breed technology, coupled with expertise in recruitment and selection, the service comprises the following components:

  • Response management
  • Outcome communication
  • Short-list creation
  • Technology enabled candidate short-listing
  • Criteria-based automated applicant selection
  • Technical and psychometric testing
  • Interview arrangement and management

Our applicant assessment service is chosen by clients who see value in managing their own high volume candidate advertising campaigns, yet need to rely on the economies of scale that we can deliver in taking a high level of response down to an effective short-list for further scrutiny. Volumes of applicants and key selection criteria are unique to each client; therefore we design specific solutions for each client.